People Of Trump’s OWN Ancestral Town Tear Him A New One

John Oliver made us all gitty when he revealed the ancestral origins of Donald Trump, including his original surname  being “Drumpf”. His deeper finds revealed that Drumpf’s grandfather originated from the German town of Kallstadt before emigrating to the United States and joining the Gold Rush, which is how Trump would sadly inherit enough money to f*ck up multiple businesses.

So what do all of these fine people of today’s Kallstadt think of their b*tichy mean girl grandson? Surprise, surprise: they’re really not into him! And these are people who know a lot about “making things great again.” 

Kallstadt’s The Local spoke to several local residents and the consensus didn’t look very good for the hometown tycoon.

Here are a few notable quotes, via the Local:

Mayor Thomas Jaworek, 48: The Trumps got rich off real estate, that is a major achievement but none of them still live in town. Why should we be proud of that? If he becomes president, let’s see what he does for America and the world. Then maybe we’ll hang a plaque.

Retired vintner Hans-Joachim Bender, 74: What do I think of Trump’s policies? I’d better not say. Blowing hot air is not everyone’s thing. I think Hillary (Clinton) is a bit less… radical.

Butcher Edelgard Kellermann, 62: Mr Trump is a descendant of a refugee – his forebears left here for economic reasons, to have a better life. He (Donald) has it even better and should give others the same chance,she said, calling him a ‘demagogue’.

Ouch! The sad thing is that Trump spoke glowingly of  his German ancestral town in the 2014 documentary “Kings of Kallstadt.” But being the totally deluded, braggadocious lunatic that he is, we can expect Trump to insult the people of Kallstadt, then say they  “actually love him.”

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