Pentagon Worried ‘Just Following President Trump’s Orders’ Won’t Protect Them From War Crime Charges

Donald Trump is an unhinged orange mean girl. That is very well-established. But if the dramatic and spontaneous military coup d’etat that unfolded in Turkey–our chief ally in fighting ISIS despite its dictatorial ruler–accomplished anything, it showed how frighteningly unqualified Trump is to handle these troubled hot spots in an increasingly unstable Middle East. In fact, if Donald Trump were president right now, he would handle the military coup d’etat by tweeting how the military has fat and ugly wives.

Trump has said he will wage a war on ISIS simply by bombing the sh*t out of them. He has absolutely no detailed or rounded plan in handling them and it is scaring foreign policy experts in both parties.

I’m not sure what declaration of war would add, said Elliot Abrams, a veteran foreign policy advisor in the Reagan and Bush Administrations who remains neutral in this presidential race.

Meanwhile, scores of interviews with top generals at the Pentagon revealed great fear over some of Trump’s proposals for the use of American power overseas, including some very Republican-leaning folks. Although no officer was willing to go on the record about some of Trump’s highly questionable policies, they said that the military has far more complex laws and regulations than any politician realizes.

We Remember the Nuremberg Trials, said Major Gen. Paul D. Eaton, a now retired member of the military. Just following orders is not going to cut it.

And as any American with more than two functioning brain cells knows, the public is hardly in the mood for more war after 15 years of it.

He would be agreeing to put our service members into a blood bath, where there would be carnage up to their necks, said Gunnery Sgt. Emir Hadzic, a marine who came to the US as a Bosnian-Muslim refugee from Sarajevo in 1995.

Sure–making America Gret Again looks great on a trucker hat. However, when it comes to the intricacies and onerous tasks of actually engaging in full-blown war, thing look far less good on a trucker hat.

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