Pence’s Response To Little Girl On How Bad Trump Makes Her Feel Is Absolutely Shameful (AUDIO)

Local news station WBNS in Columbus, Ohio, invited Mike Pence on the air to answer a few questions while he was campaigning in the coveted buckeye state.

The last question in the interview was prompted after a local Girl Scout troop visited the news station for a tour. Anchor Scott Light said an 11-year-old girl made the following (completely unsolicited) statement during her visit. In speaking about Donald Trump’s words that have been featured in campaign commercials:

“When I hear those words and look in the mirror they make me feel bad about myself.”

Rather than show his human side, Pence avoided empathy all together (perhaps he truly is incapable of such a thing) and pivoted to… terrorism and Hillary Clinton’s “feckless foreign policy.”

Because nothing speaks to children struggling with poor self-esteem quite like fearmongering, foreign policy and words like “feckless.”

He said:

“Well, I would say to any one of my kids and any children in this country that Donald Trump and I are committed to a safer and more prosperous future for their family. The weak and feckless foreign policy that Hillary Clinton promises to continue has literally caused wider areas of the world to spin apart, the rise of terrorist threats that have inspired violence here at home, and we’ve seen an erosion of law and order in our streets. And we’ve seen opportunities and jobs evaporate and even leave Ohio and leave this country. I would say to any of our kids that if Donald Trump and I have the chance to serve in the White House, that we’re going to work every day for a stronger, safer and more prosperous America.”

Mike Pence does realize that this type of pivot only provides more support for the idea that he and his ilk share a very similar view of women with the terrorists for which they abhor, correct?

Through their words and actions, they solidify the archaic mentality that women are of no use outside the bedroom. So much so, when confronted with the sexist, cruel comments made by Donald Trump, which were absorbed by a child, rather than giving her a legitimate answer, he goes with, “Your question is unimportant. Here IS what is important.”

Sound familiar, ladies?

These men are not safe to be around women. Our children’s ears should never be assaulted with their words.

I would respond to that little girl with the same words I’ve said to my own daughter: Do not allow the words of a bad man to cast even a sliver of a shadow upon your heart. The opinions of these shallow men only provide us the evidence of who THEY are, not who WE are.

Listen to the question and answer at the 5:53 mark in the video, here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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