Pence Forced To Issue Humiliating Statement Saying Trump ‘Won’ VP Debate To Get Out Of Doghouse

Mike Pence had no time to take a breath after finishing up the Vice Presidential debate. As soon as he stepped off the stage, reports began flooding in that painted an increasingly unhinged Donald Trump as furious that Pence had done better than his own performance the week before.

Sources close to Trump told reporters that the Republican candidate felt Pence didn’t defend him (true), seemed more interested in promoting himself (also true), and was perceived as more competent than Trump is (very, very true). But unlike a person with a speck of humility, Trump wasn’t able to enjoy his co-candidate’s success. His ego wouldn’t allow it.

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In damage control mode, Trump’s campaign insisted that Trump was thrilled by Pence’s performance. Trump himself tweeted a congrats. However, by noon things were beginning to unravel again. In what may be the most humiliating thing asked of a Trump staffer since Chris Christie had to pick up McDonald’s, Mike Pence – the potential Vice President of the United States – had to release a statement making it clear that Donald Trump, not he, was the true winner of the debate. All glory goes to Trump.

Then he had to attend a rally, where he reiterated that Donald Trump won the Vice Presidential Debate.

For all the bigotry, stupidity, and nastiness that Trump brings to the table, you have to hand it to him, he’s very good at humiliating his fellow conservatives. It’s Paul Ryan, who according to friends, is depressed, despondent and views himself as a unwilling martyr for Trump. It’s Chris Christie, a former presidential primary candidate now relegated to fast food delivery guy. It’s Ted Cruz, who knelt down and kissed the ring of a man who called his father a murderer and his wife ugly.

And now it’s Mike Pence, who clearly hates everything Donald Trump stands for, but stays in the relationship because for a Republican politician the only thing worse than humiliation is irrelevancy.

UPDATE: Now Trump is officially taking credit for Pence’s performance.

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