Pelosi Pulls No Punches, Calls Trump’s Chief Strategist What He Is – A ‘White Nationalist’

Nancy Pelosi is pulling no punches. She just called out Steve Bannon, Trump’s recently announce White House Chief Strategist, for being an unapologetic “white nationalist.”

The House minority leader released a statement on Monday that condemned Trump for choosing Bannon to serve in this position and said it was proof that he intends to continue with “the divisive vision that defined his campaign.”

“Bringing Steve Bannon into the White House is an alarming signal that President-elect Trump remains committed to the hateful and divisive vision that defined his campaign,” Pelosi said.

“There must be no sugarcoating the reality that a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the Trump Administration,” she added.

The House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer also released a statement condemning Trump’s appointment of Bannon, which he said was “deeply disturbing.”

“His leadership of Breitbart, which provides a voice to radical white-supremacist groups, allegations about his comments on Jews, and charges of domestic abuse ought to be seen as disqualifying for a role at the White House,” Hoyer wrote.

He insisted that it is up to Trump to prove that “the vile bigotry and misogyny that in large part characterized his campaign” will not be a part of his presidency. Hoyer also promised that Democrats would fight for those who “were attacked” and “feel marginalized” by Trump.

In her statement, Pelosi said that liberals would try to find common ground with the Trump administration “for hard-working families,” but vowed that they would not tolerate “attempts by this Administration to scapegoat and persecute Americans” based on nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

Trump and his bigoted buddies argue that Bannon is a stand-up guy while establishment Republicans have simply kept their mouths shut. Bannon served as the head or Breitbart, a conservative news site that peddles conspiracy stories and caters to the “alt-right,” aka white supremacists. He stepped down from that position to serve as the CEO of Trump’s campaign and has now been named chief strategist.

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