PAYBACK’S A B*TCH: Ted Cruz Lost This N.Y. District To Dr. Ben Carson (VIDEO)

Back in February, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was on top of the world. He just won the Iowa Caucus, beating Donald Trump by three points. However, his victory was marred with a cloud of controversy as then Republican contender Dr. Ben Carson, accused Cruz’s campaign of “dirty tricks.”

Cruz’s cheating was later verified. His campaign purposely spread false rumors about Carson suspending his presidential campaign ahead of the caucus. It’s unknown how much damage this tactic may have done to Carson’s campaign in Iowa who finished in fourth place with 9.3 percent of the vote.

Third place finisher, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, had 23.1 percent of the ballot, making it unlikely that Cruz’s underhanded efforts would have made much of a difference in Iowa’s outcome.

But non-the-less, the narrative was set, and Trump took full advantage of Cruz’s dishonesty by later labeling him “Lying Ted.” This inartful attack seems to have worked, as Trump began to dominate the Republican field after Iowa.

Cruz also made the fatal mistake of trying to pander to the southern voters, by attacking Donald Trump and his “New York values,” during a Republican debate.

This disparaging remark wasn’t soon forgotten by the people of New York, who during April 19th’s New York Republican primary handed Ted Cruz a crushing defeat behind front-runner Donald Trump and peripheral contender Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

But in one New York district, Cruz came in fourth losing to Carson (who’d long since left the race in March) by 300 votes.

Cruz is said to be a lover of show tunes. The New York Times reports that the senator would sing show tunes to his wife to help him relax on the campaign trail. Here’s a video featuring one show tune Cruz will probably not want to sing for a while.

Featured image mashup via Scott Olson/Getty and Joe Raedie/Getty.

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