Paul Ryan’s Response To Trump’s Clinton Assassination Dog Whistle Shows What A Coward He Is

House Speaker Paul Ryan has spent much of his time putting out Trumpster fires since the bombastic billionaire became the GOP’s presumptive, and then official, nominee for President of the United States.

Well, if you thought things like Trump’s feud with the Muslim-American family of a fallen soldier, or his attacks on the judge overseeing lawsuits against Trump University due to his heritage were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump actually floated the idea that one of his nutty supporters should shoot Hillary Clinton to keep her from nominating liberal Supreme Court Justices. Yes, you read that right.

Well, this is where Paul Ryan had a definite, and understandable exit ramp when it comes to Trump, who has clearly been a thorn in his side since the nomination was clinched. Ryan, however, being the spineless weasel that he is, took the easy way out, and called Trump’s dangerously outrageous remarks “a joke gone bad”:

I heard about this Second Amendment quote. It sounds like just a joke gone bad. I hope he clears it up very quickly. You should never joke about something like that.

Well, the thing is, Speaker Ryan, Trump did “joke” about something like that. And I put “joke” in scare quotes because I, like most people not blinded by love of party over country realize that this was no joke. Trump was literally dog whistling his followers, who are so incredibly blind, cult-like, and stupid, to see if there would be one who is crazy enough to actually attempt to kill Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Speaker, you keep assuring the entire nation, that yes, there are things that Trump could do or say that would be a bridge too far, where you would not longer be able to support his bid for the highest office in the land. Well, if trying to facilitate the assassination of his political opponent from afar and conceal it as joke isn’t a bridge too far, what the hell is?

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