Paul Ryan: We Will Continue To Abuse Government Shutdowns To Force Our Agenda (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan, the newly minted Speaker of the House, admits during a statement that the GOP still does not have one f*ck to give when it comes to keeping the country running.

He makes it clear that his branch of government controls the “purse strings,” and like an abusive spouse they can and will force America to live by their principals (read: beliefs) or they will shut down the government — even destroy the country to make us.

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Republican principals, that include the destruction of the separation of church and state and a general desire to re-write the Constitution to serve their own purposes, are known failures. These policies have been shown over and over again that they leave us with mountains of debt, starvation, lack of medical care, lack of a living wage, and the destruction of the middle class — yet they still manage to create a thriving top one percent.

Here is Paul Ryan with his veiled yet clear threat to Americans: 


Feature image via screen capture from Youtube

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