Paul Ryan: ‘We Know Russia Meddled In The Election,’ We Just Don’t Care (VIDEO)

House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked on Monday if a special prosecutor should be appointed to handle the investigation into Russia’s interference with the presidential election. His answer, naturally, was no.

Ryan said he personally “can’t speak to” whether or not Attorney General Jeff Sessions should recuse himself, but he firmly believes that congressional intelligence committees should handle the investigation.

“We know Russia meddled in the election,” Ryan said, “No one is disputing that. And this last government gave us that information in the first place. No one is alleging that some American was in on it beforehand.”

Presumably, Ryan is also making the point here that he doesn’t think Trump was working with Russia on their scheme to get his orange derriere into the Oval Office. But anyone with any sense at all knows this is absurd. Even if you ignore the Russian dossier which outlines just how deep the Trump administration’s ties to Russia actually are, does anybody really believe that Michael Flynn acted alone? That he just decided to chat up the Russian ambassador and tell him not to lose sleep over sanctions without input from Trump? Trump has been in on this from day one and we all know it. Republicans know it too, they just plan to ignore it.

Watch Paul Ryan explain that Republicans know all about Russia and don’t plan on doing squat, here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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