Paul Ryan Obliterated On Twitter After He Tweets Response To Planned Parenthood Shooting (TWEETS)

The right-wing is hellbent on painting the domestic terrorist, Robert Dear, who shot up a Planned Parenthood over the weekend as a mentally disturbed individual, rather than the extremist “baby parts” mentioning criminal that he is. To continue with the same talking points, Paul Ryan chimed in via Twitter, saying:


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Because somehow it’s more dangerous and a bigger threat when individuals from other countries attack the U.S. — but homegrown extremists who walk into American organizations and kill don’t fit into Ryan’s big picture? Is it just a little picture then?

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Are the people who were shot and killed by an American not just as dead as those shot and killed by “worldwide terrorists”?

As Charles Topher pointed out on Addicting Info:

Never mind that your party has embraced doctored videos of atrocities that didn’t happen or the false narrative that Planned Parenthood does nothing but abort third trimester babies, creating bands of zealots who are willing to harm others to save zygotes. Let’s forget about that completely and instead sell the fear of “real” terrorists who are just itching to walk through the door.

Twitter users weren’t going to let him get away with it, though. They responded to the speaker beautifully.



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We shouldn’t have to take our politicians to task when they manipulate situations this way because this manipulation shouldn’t happen. But, there it is and here we are.

A tragedy occurred because words have meaning — they carry weight. The right-wing political leaders have latched on to a farcical outrage perpetuated by duped videos and a misogynistic viewpoint that has now fueled the flames of the most radical of their followers — and people died because of it.

Yet, they offer not a drop of water to extinguish flames they themselves fanned with such fervor.

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