Paul Ryan Makes A Ridiculous Claim About Donald Trump’s Childish Behavior

For years, Donald Trump has spent much of his time on Twitter, insulting people. He is as well-known for his social media feuds as he is for his wealth and that has not changed. Since announcing his bid for the presidency, Trump has battled Republican news anchors, GOP lawmakers, Democrats, celebrities and even a Supreme Court justice. He has the temperament of a child and that is not going to ever change, anyone with the slightest bit of common sense realizes that — but, of course, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is not known for his common sense.

During an interview with NPR the speaker was asked what he thinks Trump has to do to be a good president and Ryan responded:

Well, you know he and I have talked about this. I think — I just think improving temperament and inclusive rhetoric, and an agenda that invites people into our party is something that I think anybody going from a primary to a general election needs a transition.

Trump has been the presumptive nominee for the Republican party for well over a month now and he has not changed. Ryan was asked point blank if he believes the billionaire loudmouth has changed at all and that’s when the speaker uttered the biggest load of bullshit that has come out of his mouth in a very long time:

I believe he’s going to endeavor to try.

Donald Trump thinks that he is the smartest guy in the room and his ego is so big that it will not allow him to change. He truly believes that everyone loves him and he is going to win the election by only appealing to racists. Meanwhile, Republican leadership is left constantly making excuses for him and promising that “he is definitely going to change” and “sure, he might be racist but at least he isn’t a Democrat like Hillary Clinton.”

The general election is a little less than four months away and there are no signs of Trump doing anything other than what he’s been doing all along: acting like a fool.

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