Paul Ryan Just Accidentally Gave Diehard Bernie Fans A Great Reason To Support Hillary

The 2016 election has been the weirdest, dumbest, and most contentious presidential race in ages, but the one saving grace and bright spot amid this Category 4 sh*tstorm was Bernie Sanders.

With the deluge of Wikileaks email dumps, many in the “Bernier or Bust” crowd believe the DNC worked to undermine Sanders’s run and favored Hillary Clinotn. This belief doesn’t extend to Sanders himself, who has since become one of Hillary’s staunchest defenders.

But even if Bernie himself cannot convince all of his diehard supporters to get behind Hillary, perhaps Paul Ryan can. Yes, I just wrote that. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan is in a real pickle. It’s pretty obvious that Ryan knows Donald Trump is destroying the GOP from within. But it’s also obvious that a Hillary win means the possible end of his party’s control of Congress and, more dire, his power as House Speaker. As a threat to wayward Republicans, Ryan warned that if they don’t fall in line before the election Bernie Sanders could wind up in a position of great power over the all-important senate budget committee.

Oh no! Social Security being solvent again, millions of people being able to not have to choose between bankruptcy or death, and a bunch of college grads no longer having to dwell in their parents’ basements because of crippling student loans! Who will stop this madman?

It’s pretty obvious that Senator Sanders would wield immense power in such a scenario, which has got to be something the Hillary camp thought about – or freaking better start! Having the final say in how the federal government spends its 4.15 trillion dollar budget is a pretty big f*cking deal. People on twitter seemed to think so.

So let’s all make Paul Ryan’s worst nightmare a reality.

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