Paul Ryan Is A Sniveling Coward And History Will Remember Him As One (VIDEOS)

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan is a coward. He has repeatedly said that his rather reluctant endorsement of Donald Trump, which happened under cover of a huge speech given by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, is not a “blank check,” and that it could definitely be rescinded if Trump went a bridge too far in acting like the lunatic that he is. However, since Ryan’s endorsement, Trump has done any number of outrageously unacceptable things, yet Ryan still continues to support him. Thus far, here are just a few times throughout Trump’s very problematic campaign.

Firstly, Ryan had to speak out against Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims:

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Then, he had to rebuke Trump once again for the refusal to immediately disavow the Ku Klux Klan:

Then – and this is AFTER Paul Ryan’s endorsement – Ryan had to come out once again and renounce Trump’s comments regarding Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is overseeing the case regarding lawsuits against the Fraudulent Trump University, where Trump insisted that Curiel could not be fair to him because of his Mexican heritage. Ryan called the comments the “textbook definition of a racist comment”:

So, in other words, Paul Ryan is willing to endorse a man who is, by his own words, a textbook racist. While we all appreciate the fact that, as speaker of the House of Representatives, Ryan is in a tough spot. However, at this point, Ryan deserves no sympathy. Even after Trump attacked the parents of a fallen American soldier, Paul Ryan still refuses to take his endorsement of Trump back. That’s just about the worst thing you can do in America, period – much less when it is done by a presidential candidate.

In other words, despite what he has said, Paul Ryan does not have a breaking point regarding his endorsement and support of Donald Trump. Trump can do all of these things and so much more, and Paul Ryan will still put party before country and support him. Make no mistake – Speaker Ryan does NOT believe that Donald Trump is presidential, or that he is fit to be president. He is just looking to put a president in the White House who will be a rubber stamp for his horrible agendas. He is afraid of Hillary Clinton, and even though he knows she’ll be a much better president than Donald Trump, he just doesn’t care. He wants a Republican in the White House – even if it’s Donald Trump. In fact, here it is, in Ryan’s own words, from an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press:

Paul Ryan will be remembered for his inability to do the right thing here, and to declare his racist, misogynist, and all around horrible nominee unfit for the office he seeks. It could not be more clear that Trump has no business being in the position that he is in, and he certainly does not have any business being in the Oval Office.

Shame on you, Speaker Ryan. Your cowardice means you have no business being in the position you’re in, either. You deserve no sympathy, and you deserve no respect. History will not remember you kindly here.

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