Paul Krugman: Trump Is A Buffoon, But Ted Cruz Is Dangerously Delusional

Paul Krugman lays out the case for why, as bad as Donald Trump would be, he’d still be preferable to Ted Cruz. Granted, “preferable” in this context is relative but while Trump is a doofus, Ted Cruz is dangerous. First, because Paul Krugman is a Hillary Shill in the pocket of Wall Street (no, seriously, people say that with a straight face!), he points out that Hillary Clinton “isn’t just the most knowledgeable, well-informed candidate in this election, she’s arguably the best-prepared candidate on matters economic ever to run for president.”

But then he turns his attention to Trump:

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On the other side, I doubt that anyone will be shocked if I say that Mr. Trump doesn’t know much about economic policy, or for that matter any kind of policy. He still seems to imagine, for example, that China is taking advantage of America by keeping its currency weak — which was true once upon a time, but bears no resemblance to current reality.

Trump is good at slogans that appeal to American racism. He’s also good at promoting himself and his image. Being completely shameless helps in both regards. Past that, he’s no one that I would let invest my money much less run the American economy.

But at least Trump isn’t Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, according to Krugman, is truly dangerous. Not because he’s ignorant, but because he lives in a Tea Party fantasy world:

The Donald doesn’t know much, but Ted Cruz knows a lot that isn’t so. In a world in which gold bugs have been wrong every step of the way, repeatedly predicting runaway inflation that fails to materialize, he demands a gold standard to produce a “sound dollar.” He chose, as his senior economic adviser, Phil Gramm — an architect of financial deregulation who helped set the stage for the 2008 crisis, then dismissed warnings of recession when that crisis came, calling America a “nation of whiners.”

Ted Cruz listens to the people that have been screaming for brutal austerity cuts to the social safety net while screaming that hyperinflation is JUST around the corner. A prediction that has been made seven years running and has yet to materialize.

Krugman continues:

Mr. Cruz is, in other words, a man of firm economic convictions — convictions that are utterly divorced from reality and impervious to evidence, to a degree that’s unusual even among Republicans. A financial crisis with him in the White House could be, let’s say, an interesting experience.

Sure, “interesting” in the same way being a in a high speed car crash is “interesting.”

A choice between Trump and Cruz running the economy is like having to choose between having surgery done by someone who plays a doctor on TV and a doctor from the Dark Ages. The actor isn’t going to know much but the primitive “doctor” still thinks disease is caused by evil spirits and that drilling holes in your head will let them out.

No thank you, I’ll vote Blue, instead.

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