Paul Krugman To Hillary: Don’t Pander To Right!

Paul Krugman is warning Hillary Clinton against the urge to move even the TINIEST bit to the right in order to pick up conservative votes. His reasoning is clear: They screwed themselves with Trump, do not help them out of their mess.

Krugman points out that Hillary is running on a very progressive platform and it’s working. Why move to the center just to appease conservatives if you’re already winning? He also explains that conservative policies are all crap anyway so why would you bother with them?

There’s absolutely no evidence that tax cuts for the rich and radical deregulation, which is what right-wingers mean when they talk about pro-growth policies, actually work, or that strengthening the social safety net does any harm. Bill Clinton presided over a bigger boom than Ronald Reagan; the Obama years have seen much more private job creation than the Bush era, even before the crash, with job growth actually accelerating after taxes went up and Obamacare went into effect.

So enough already with the notion that being on the center-left somehow means being anti-growth.

But more importantly, the train wreck that is Donald Trump’s candidacy was entirely engineered by the GOP. Once they chose to hide their economic sabotage by pandering to racists for votes, the end result was ALWAYS going to be someone like Trump.

This strategy brought many electoral victories, but always at the risk that the racial resentment would run out of control, leaving the economic conservatives — whose ideas never had much popular support — stranded. And that is what has just happened.

Allow me a moment to weep for the trickle down bastards who are watching 40 years of work get thrown out the window.

Even more annoying, now that the GOP is in the process of imploding, the miserable centrists that have been enabling Republican extremism for years are suddenly concerned that the Democratic Party isn’t going to be receptive to conservatives:

Also, I can’t help but notice a curious pattern in the recommendations of some self-proclaimed centrists. When Republicans were in the ascendant, centrists urged Democrats to adapt by moving right. Now that Republicans are in trouble, with some feeling that they have no choice except to vote Democratic, these same centrists are urging Democrats to … adapt by moving right. Funny how that works.

Very funny. Almost as if the entire point of those centrists was to provide cover for conservatism the whole time. That may sound like tinfoil hat stuff but these are the same people that spent the last 8 years insisting that both parties were just as extreme. Now that the right has gone over into actual fascism and open white supremacy, it’s up to the Democrats to save the right wing from itself?


As Krugman perfectly sums up:

If some conservatives find this [Trump] too much and bolt the party, good for them, and they should be welcomed into the coalition of the sane. But they can’t expect policy concessions in return. When Dr. Frankenstein finally realizes that he has created a monster, he doesn’t get a reward. Mrs. Clinton and her party should stay the course.

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