Patton Oswalt Blows Up The Hillary Pneumonia Paranoia By Pointing Out One SIMPLE Fact (TWEETS)

Yesterday’s calm and non-partisan tributes to the September 11th attacks on social media quickly evaporated once a manufactured nontroversy reared its ugly head. After Hillary Clinton needed to leave the Memorial early due to feeling ill, people began losing their minds.

Unfortunately even her doctor explicitly saying it was pneumonia, which can be exasperated in either extreme heat or cold, and that she was recovering fine didn’t stop the gossip. And it certainly didn’t stop the media and all of her detractors from claiming she’s lying about her health, and how she’s  too weak to hold the most important office in the world.

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Patton Oswalt is a comedian, and us comedians love to tell the truth as much as we love to make fun of stuff.

Oswalt totally flipped the pneumonia issue on its head when he took to Twitter to explain how her having pneumonia was actually a sign of strength, not weakness. Here’s why:

So that’s Oswalt telling the truth in a somewhat thoughtfully humorous fashion. Now it was time to put on his comedian’s cap and go for the big laughs.

Should pneumonia disqualify a person from president? Let’s just put it this way: we actually had president, William Harrison, who died of pneumonia after refusing to wear a coat during a cold and wet day inauguration. But he still made a better president than Trump would. The fact remains that many presidents in the past have gotten sick and our entire media didn’t go full-blown Defcon 5. Why the change?

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