This ‘Patriot’ Wanted To Overthrow The Government But A Ceiling Fan Took Him Out First (VIDEO)

So many self-styled “patriots” are busy threatening to take up arms, overthrow the government, take the country back, kick “NoBama” out of the white house, etc. If you were someone from another country, or just someone new to the political scene in America, you might think these guys were a serious threat to the nation and it’s government.

Right up until you see this guy… then you realize how ridiculous 99% of these individuals are. In the video below, you can see how much planning ‘patriotic Americans’ put into their revolutions by seeing just how badly they plan the making of their Youtube videos.

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Our patriot was set to start a revolution. He was ready to give the country back its liberty. He’d go down as the “founding father” of a new nation of liberty! Right up until the point where he forgot to look behind him.

Watch the greatest American revolution get foiled by a ceiling fan below:

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