Pat Robertson: Bible-Based Discrimination Still Deserves Tax-Exempt Status

Pat Robertson just gets worse and worse on his show. According to The Raw Story, he said that if the Supreme Court rules that marriage equality is the law of the land, then the IRS could strip tax exemptions from religious institutions that so much as issue a statement opposing such. He’s specifically referring to religious schools that receive federal funding, like what happened to Bob Jones University back in the early 1980s.

Bob Jones maintained a ban on interracial dating and marriage, even after Loving v. Virginia, which ruled bans on interracial marriage were illegal. It didn’t repeal any state bans, but it did make them unenforceable. What’s sad is that the last state ban on interracial marriage, in Alabama, was repealed in freaking 2000.

Bob Jones University maintained a ban on interracial dating on the idea that the Christian god created people differently for a reason, and because of that, they must remain separate. This is the rationale that many segregationists on the religious right said during the Civil Rights movement, and are pulling out again now that marriage equality for all 50 states appears to be on the horizon.

Of course, Robertson said that Bob Jones never actually banned interracial dating. He says it was just a statement of belief. He did acknowledge that the Bible doesn’t ban interracial dating and marriage, but he thinks they lost their tax-exempt status based on a statement, and not due to an outright ban. Because he believes in that fallacy, he thinks that similar statements of belief over marriage equality will be enough for the IRS to revoke tax-exempt status. That remains to be seen, but unless they actually have discriminatory policies in place against LGBTQ individuals, then a statement of belief might be just fine.

Robertson has a bad habit of taking the truth and batting it way out of the park, though, so until we start seeing problems from a ruling in favor of marriage equality, we should take his fear-mongering with a giant bag of salt.

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