Parks Department Finds PERFECT Way To Troll Trump – Even As They Take Down ‘Naked Trump’ Statue

There has been plenty of buzz regarding the fact that nude, life-sized statues of Donald Trump have been popping up (pun intended) around various large cities in the United States. This is especially funny, considering the fact that we all remember Trump’s bragging about his penis size during a back and forth with former presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Unfortunately the statues didn’t last long. All public statues in parks have to be approved, and if they are inappropriate and/or aren’t approved by the parks department, they will likely be removed. That is the case with the naked Trump statue that was put up on Thursday in New York City, which lasted only an hour before it was toppled.

Despite the fact that the city’s parks service got the statue taken down, that didn’t stop plenty of people for mocking Trump while it was up, and even posing for selfies with it. Here is some hilarious video of the spectacle:

Even better than the selfies was the New York Park Services reaction. Despite the headache of removing the statue, they weren’t mad. In fact, they handled things pretty well. They may have had an obligation to take the statues down, but they weren’t going to miss an opportunity to mock Trump:

NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.

The language here is clear trolling, and it makes it perfectly clear what the entity thinks of The Donald, and that they don’t really have too much of an issue with the naked Trump statue.


Featured image via Twitter

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