Palin Gives Most Epic Word Salad Speech Ever: The ‘Splodey Heads Keep Splodin’ Over’ Trump (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin gave a speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Friday and it was just as cringeworthy as we expected it to be. The former half-term governor of Alaska was introduced as a “conservative icon,” then promptly proceeded to show the country why she should never be allowed to speak in front of a crowd again.

Palin started out her speech gushing over Colorado and slurring her words a little bit, leaving some of us to wonder if she’d visited one of the state’s marijuana shops. She told the crowd that she just came back from speaking at an event full of people who don’t like “common sense conservatives” like herself and Donald Trump (hahaha) and while at the event she was asked why Trump was winning (he’s not, but Palin probably hasn’t bothered to read “all” of the news publications).

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I told them, you know, it’s really funny to me to see the splodey heads keep splodin’ over this movement because it seems so obvious Darryl [Glenn] wins, Trump wins, America will win because voters are so sick and tired of being betrayed. Politicians campaign one way and they govern another.

It needs to be seen to be believed.

Palin would know all about betraying voters since she quit her job as soon as things got a little tough. Instead of serving the people of Alaska, she starred in a reality show, made millions speaking to idiots like herself and sold books she didn’t write herself. At one point in her word salad speech she said that she believes Trump should hold his rallies at his construction sites because “we all know protesters aren’t going to show up at a job site.” Yep, Palin, a person without a job actually said that. Ironic, isn’t it?

The Alaskan quitter then spent the remainder of her speech rhyming things like,”the status quo has got to go,” complaining about some “silenced majority” of “thinking Americans” (I’m assuming those are the white folks who feel SUPER persecuted) and pretending Trump was a magical “revolutionary” a “messenger” sent to save the United States from destructive liberals.

Twitter users found out that Palin was giving another of her famously bad speeches and immediately started ripping her apart:

Sarah Palin is an amazing person. Really, she is. In just a few minutes she clearly demonstrates how ridiculous Republican politics have become. She is the perfect Trump spokeswoman because she is as big a train wreck as he is and I, for one, hope that she continues to stand up and speak about him every opportunity she has. Clearly, the GOP has not learned from their 2008 mistakes which is fantastic news for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Watch her “speech” below (starts at 1:16 mark)

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