Painfully Stupid Tea Partiers Peddling T-Shirt Blaming Obama for Ebola Outbreak

No one ever said Tea Partiers are intelligent. If they were, they would not be blaming President Obama for a virus. Since they are complete morons, however, this sort of thing happens.

The Tea Party is marketing an ‘Obola’ t-shirt in an effort to do…something stupid, one can only assume, claiming that Ebola is “Obama’s gift to America.

“Get this awesome shirt to show your support for American values and support the Tea Party movement as well!” the Teespring campaign says.

via Teespring

via Teespring

“Patriots” can show their ‘Muricaness with this beautiful t-shirt that will allow them to boldly tell the world that they are far too stupid to actually read something besides World Net Daily or Glenn Beck for their news.

The current talking point (subject to change the next time Sarah Palin incoherently forms words together into something that might be considered a sentence, if one is drunk enough) is that the Ebola crisis in the United States was caused by President Obama listening to the much-feared “experts” who think they know more than any toothless, racist hillbilly with an internet connection.

True, true, we are handling an unprecedented (yet exaggerated) threat to our well-being, but the right-wing argument that President Obama is at fault because he recognizes that a travel ban will make things worse — or, for the truly, truly, stupid — that Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro is intentionally allowing Ebola to come to America because he hates white people, is particularly asinine because it is backed only by a desperate desire to blame the black guy for anything and everything.

So far, around 20 people are prepared to spend $21 (or $31 if they want to wear a hood that isn’t white) to show people on the street exactly how braindead they are.

And these people will be voting in November. God help us all.

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