Painfully Ignorant Right-Winger Thinks Keanu Reeves Is Insulting The President In This Video (VIDEO)

Keanu Reeves recently went to a shooting range to get in some practice for his role in the upcoming sequel to his hit movie “John Wick.” Reeves took part in a new shooting sport called “3-gun,” where the shooter has to handle three different weapons and hit targets quickly and accurately. Of course right-wing commentators loved the sight of Reeves blasting away at a bunch of fake “bad guys,” and most focused on the skill Reeves showed while handling his weapons.

But the 25-watt bulbs at Conservative Tribune decided that there was deeper meaning in the event. Writer “Wilmot Proviso” (aka Chris Golden) penned a painfully stupid commentary under the headline “Keanu Reeves Releases Video That Destroys Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda.” He makes it sound like Reeves went on some sort of rant about gun control, when actually all the video shows is him training for a reprise of his movie role.

After summarizing the YouTube video that shows Reeves’ prowess with guns, Golden launches into one of the most pained attempts to criticize President Obama’s gun control proposals that I have ever seen. He starts this way:

This video is Barack Obama’s nightmare for a few reasons. Firstly, it shows that guns can be handled safely without being used to kill people.

When did the president ever say that it wasn’t possible to handle guns safely? He has been photographed shooting a gun himself. His background check proposal isn’t designed to limit gun ownership because guns are dangerous. It’s designed to limit access to guns by dangerous people.

Then Golden makes this statement:

Yes, even the AR-15…can be used for sport (or game, or protection) without being used to kill people.

Um, Chris, if you use a gun for “protection,” you are saying you are willing to use it to kill people. You may never have to, but anyone who possesses a gun because they feel they need to protect themselves or their property, family, etc. with it has to be willing to kill with it if necessary. Otherwise what’s the point?

Golden wraps up his article with a couple of statements that makes it plain to see why he’s concerned about President Obama’s background check proposal — he’s obviously delusional and afraid he wouldn’t be able to get a gun. He says,

This isn’t just because of fear, as Obama would like to portray it as. It’s because people enjoy exercising their Second Amendment rights, both to protect themselves and for sport. And they’ll keep doing it, too, in spite of Obama’s anti-gun agenda — just like Keanu Reeves.

Let’s give Golden/Proviso credit for one thing: he, like most conservatives, seems to be a master at taking something and turning it into something else. Only a rightie could take a video of an actor training for a movie role and turn it into a political statement.

For the record, Reeves is rather tight-lipped about his politics, but a quick search turns up a number of references to him being a liberal, and none that suggest or say that he is a conservative, or that he opposes the president on any proposed gun control measures. “Keanu Reeves, Second Amendment Crusader” seems to only exist in the mind of “Wilmot Proviso/Chris Golden,” who just doesn’t understand the difference between movies and real life.

Here’s the video that got the folks at Conservative Tribune all excited, via YouTube:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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