Over 100 Experts Say Shut Up, Republicans, Obama’s Immigration Action Is Legal

135 scholars and legal experts have confirmed what many others have already argued — Obama’s executive actions in immigration are completely legal. If Republicans don’t like it, they’re going to have to actually get some work done and write a bill.

The letter provides plenty of citation and legal precedent, as well as the names of all 135 signers. You can read it in full here (PDF).

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The reasoning is pretty simple. President Obama’s actions have been taken before, by other presidents. According to the Associated Press, just not on the same scale:

The scholars, in their statement, said the broad scope of Obama’s actions did not make them any less lawful.

“The president could conceivably decide to cap the number of people who can receive prosecutorial discretion or make the conditions restrictive enough to keep the numbers small, but this would be a policy choice, not a legal issue,” they wrote.

I guess we know what the result of birther Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawsuit against President Barack Obama is going to be.

Unfortunately, for a party without a head, actually coming together to pass legislation to get rid of Obama’s work will be difficult. The decision to take executive action on the part of Obama was brilliant — he may have waited until after the election to try and save Senate Democrats, but now that the election is over, the result is that Republicans can (and will) complain and stomp their feet, but the onus is on them to change it. There is nobody else to blame anymore.

And Democrats have been trying to solve this issue for quite some time — remember the immigration reform bill passed by the Democrat-held Senate? The House killed that, and blamed President Obama. What’s going to be the excuse now, since Obama has taken executive action and Republicans will hold all of Congress? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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