Outraged GOPer Berates Vacationing Obama, When He’s Actually HOME For Christmas In Hawaii (Screenshots)

Congress gets majority of the year off, but still whine when Obama vacations.

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) is heading this season’s “Attack Obama for Vacationing” committee. Funny thing is, Rep. Rogers is on vacation himself, and with Congress who works significantly less than the average American (239 days off in 2013), never a five-day work week, and far less than the President, it’s entirely impossible to take these gripes seriously.

Yet on Sunday, without a hint of self-awareness Rep. Rogers whined:

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Saying ‘aloha’ and getting on the plane to Hawaii is not the answer. I don’t think that’s enough. North Korea attacked, then threatened violence.

To be clear, the “attack” was a cyber-attack which lead to massive email leaks from Sony, as well as cancelling the distribution of The Interview, a movie which depicted the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, because of threats of violence to movie-goers. The FBI has confirmed the attack came from North Korea, though the Communist country is denying involvement with the culprit.

How can Obama leave at a time like this?

Simple, there will never be a “good time” for a President to go on vacation, and like the Conservative darling, Nancy Reagan once said in defense of her husband’s 335 vacation days while President:

Presidents don’t get vacations — they just get a change of scenery.

Is North Korea really worth leaving vacation for, especially when the President has intelligence and communications at his fingertips? NO.

The DRPK has threatened the U.S. time and time again to no avail, they’ve already shown they don’t have the capabilities to stand up to the U.S. and would be easily stopped should they try to do violence to America or its allies. So, while a movie was briefly delayed in being released over vague threats, what is it about Obama that renders him incapable of dealing with this in Hawaii? Is the GOP that worried about North Korea, or is this just another desperate attempt to smear President Obama? Definitely the latter.

CBS News White House Correspondent, Mark Knoller, once said:

I have long held the view that a US president is never really on vacation. The job — and its awesome powers and responsibilities — is his wherever he is and whatever he’s doing.

Where was Rep. Rogers when Bush took 407 vacation days, including in the weeks before 9/11 or during Hurricane Katrina? He was keeping his mouth shut and respecting the fact that every President needs a reprieve from the demands of the job like a good Republican lackey, but the minute Obama leaves on vacation, it’s because the POTUS “doesn’t care,” or that he’s lazy (in a totally not racist way!).

Yet, Bush launched the Iraq War and vacationed in the same week, and while the left attacked him for it they were certainly rougher times than the non-release of a Seth Rogen and James Franco movie, so Rep. Rogers can save the outrage. Bush spent significantly more time on his Texas ranch, and hypocritically the GOP saw him as being perfectly capable of handling crises while away from the White House.

The Foxbots were equally outraged (again) that the President left to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii, being that they have the same kind of amnesia as this GOP Congressman and hate it when people celebrate Christmas at home.

Here were some of their responses to Obama leaving for Hawaii:

Um, what?! Fox News

Um, what?! Presidents pay for their own vacations.  Fox News

Obama can't Christmas because Muslim. TPNN

Obama can’t Christmas because Muslim. TPNN


He says too little, he says too much, I didn’t like what he said, I miss him! Waa waa waa.  Fox News

Nope, POTUS vacations are still not tx-payer funded. Fox News

Nope, POTUS vacations are still not tax-payer funded. Oh, and it’s Barack. Fox News

Fox News.

Fox News.

Is there anything in this presidency that conservatives won’t latch onto and hate for completely infantile reasons? Rep. Rogers is in good company — with complete idiots. The President has vowed a proportional response on North Korea and while Republicans have always been quick to attack President Obama for not acting rash, it’s one of the most effective things about his Presidency.

H/T: MSNBC | Photo: Facebook

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