‘Our Soul Rotted Away’: Top Tennessee Republican Resigns From Party

As the Republican Party continues its long decline, more and more people are bailing on them, including one top official in Tennessee who didn’t just bail, but let the Republicans have it with both barrels as he walked out the door.

Tennessee State Executive Committee member Mark Winslow, a Donald Trump supporter, announced on Twitter that he was done with the party, and as he was leaving, he took some parting shots on the way out.

“Beyond Salvage”

Writing on Twitter, Winslow declared that “My state political party is beyond salvage” and “Oh, sure, we’re drifting along on inertia, collecting PAC checks and distributing the money to favored candidates or using the money to pay staffers to take out those who are not favored.”

He continued:

We pat ourselves on our collective supermajority and claim that legislative status absolves every wrong deed. Our soul rotted away some time ago.

The last time the Republicans could even be argued as possessing a soul was with Dwight D. Eisenhower. And even then, note the verb: “argued.”

He added that the state party “is really nothing more than a small corrupt core group who view our party as their private club and personal piggy bank” and “Money is passed around, doled out to friends, handed to favored consultants and staffers who ignore bylaws or common sense. Rules are arrogantly and routinely broken by officers and staff with no consequence of accountability.”

Winslow concluded his note by saying:

It’s time for me to resign from the State Executive Committee. I encourage you to stand your ground and speak your piece.

When you do, it’s a relief to know there’s no turning back.

You can see the full tweet below:Mark Winslow Tweet


I’m sure it’s a relief to the state Republican party to know Winslow isn’t turning around, either.

Unlike most Americans, I tend to be sympathetic towards the political class. I know it’s cool to hate them and the hate career politicians, but you know, if I want someone to do my plumbing, I’m not pulling some shmuck off the street with no experience. Why on Earth would I be any different about my laws?

The American legal system is incredibly complex, and a lot of that has to do with the Constitution being such a simple document. Legal simplicity is not a good thing; not in our complex and highly technical world. The simplicity means there are huge gaps to fill in, and that the document itself is designed to create a barely functioning government by default doesn’t help.

Knowing that Winslow is a fan of Donald Trump, and knowing the populism that Trump tapped into, I can’t help but be suspicious of his claims, and I can’t help but think they aren’t motivated by hyper-partisanship, especially in the wake of all the attempts of the political class to stop Donald Trump and the primary “scandals.” They might not be. There probably is some element of truth to them. But I’m suspicious all the same.

However, one thing Winslow said is definitely true: the soul of the Republican party did rot “some time ago,” so long as “some time” is replaced with “early last century at the latest.”

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