Ouch: GOP Congress Approval Rating Just 15 Percent While Pres. Obama’s Is On The Rise

When Republicans took control of Congress in 2014, conservatives across the nation thought the world would come to an end for President Obama. Little did they know that the president, whose approval rating at the time was under 40 percent, would shine even brighter in the shadow of the adversity he was bound to encounter.

Nothing has ever been more true. Since the power shift in the Senate, Americans have learned that when Republicans are called on to actually govern, Republicans fail. Day after day of horrible legislation favoring the rich, a laughable budget that would turn the Middle Class into the working poor and the working poor into the homeless, and a slew of lawmaking that would turn America into the world’s largest Christian church, have shown America the true colors of the modern-day GOP.

According to Real Clear Politics, Congress is running with an approval rating of just 15.5 percent, while the president is sitting at just over 45. The shift in the president’s rating began almost immediately after Republicans took over.

Second-term presidents historically see dips in their approval ratings as the lame duck theory kicks in, but it looks like the American people are warming up to President Obama and beginning to understand just what kind of obstruction he actually faces.

Conservatives are learning that their baseless attacks aren’t working. Calling for the impeachment of the president because he’s a “Muslim terrorist” hasn’t gained much support from sane people, and demanding his execution for “ordering Hillary Clinton to personally murder four people in Benghazi” becomes more absurd every day.

History will be kind to our first black president. Never before has one man withstood so much untethered hatred and come out the other end with such an impressive record.

By comparison, his predecessor, who saw a jump in approval to almost 90 percent after he ignored intelligence warnings and allowed planes to destroy American iconic structures, left office with an approval rating of 28.2 percent.

People don’t like it when the economy crashes, but they apparently like it a lot when even with all the blatant racism and roadblocks, their president does all he can to fix it.

Featured image: via Charles Topher

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