O’Reilly Humiliated — Tries To Get Experts To Blame BLM For Violence Against Cops & Fails (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly has an obvious problem with reality. It’s not that reality doesn’t happen, it’s that it doesn’t fit with the narrative of The O’Reilly Factor. In Tuesday night’s episode of the popular docudrama on Fox, the narrative was that the Black Lives Matter movement is getting cops killed, but the reality is that it’s not.

O’Reilly has two guests on who you can tell at the onset he feels confident will back his notion that peaceful protesters are the cause of the murder of police officers, but it gets extremely awkward when that doesn’t materialize for him. His first guest, Dr. Peter Moskos, professor at John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, offered this:

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There are fewer cops shot this year than last year. Are you willing to give Black Lives Matter credit for that? Cop shootings are down.

His second guest isn’t anywhere near compliant either, so he gets shut off mid-sentence by a typical O’Reilly tantrum. The entire thing ends up being sad and humiliating for Bill, which is very rewarding for the rest of us.

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Watch Bill O’Reilly get humiliated by his own guests:


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