O’Reilly Acts SHOCKED After Trump Calls For ‘Tougher’ Police Brutality: ‘You Can’t Beat Em’ Up!’ (VIDEO)

While making another appearance on one of his favorite media safe spaces, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, Trump spoke openly about how he would solve violent crime in America “very quickly” by giving police the authority to use “tough police tactics.”

The host wanted Trump to address the crime rates in Chicago, noting that the murder rate has gone up 50 percent compared to last year. Trump said that he personally knows police officers and many of them complain about having to wear kid gloves (respecting their constitutional and human rights) when dealing with suspects.

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“I know police in Chicago,” Trump began. “If they were given the authority to do it, they would get it done.”

“How?” O’Reilly asked.

“How? By being very much tougher than they are right now,” Trump asserted. “They’re right now not tough. I could tell you this very long and quite boring story, but when I was in Chicago, I got to meet a couple of very top police. I said, ‘How do you stop this?’”

Trump said that an unnamed “top” Chicago police officer told him, “Mr. Trump, I’d be able to stop it in one week,” with Trump saying the cops want to use undefined “tough police tactics.”

At that point, O’Reilly (who’s one of Trump’s top media cheerleaders) had to speak up and offer Trump a dose of reality. The host exclaimed:

“You need a warrant to arrest people. You can’t beat them up ! You have to have a warrant to arrest them! You have to –”  only to be cut off by Trump who wasn’t interested in going into details.

“All I know is this,” Trump blustered. “I went to a top police officer in Chicago, who is not the police chief, and I could see by the way he was dealing with his people, he was a rough, tough guy, they respected him greatly.”

Trump once again went back to his story about “tough police tactics,” prompting O’Reilly to ask: “But he didn’t tell exactly precisely how?”

“No,” Trump replied as if the case was closed. “Because I’m not the mayor of Chicago.”

Trump’s petulant “why can’t I!?” attitude started off being funny, but now it just reflects a sadder commentary on American society.

If there’s a problem with crime in America it isn’t because police have too much respect for the Constitution, basic human rights, and the rule of law. Trump is using a cartoonish version of fear mongering, which is a tried and true GOP tactic designed to scare the hell out of white voters.

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