Oregon Standoff Is The Epitome Of White Privilege

Picture it: a group of 150 heavily armed ideologues storm a federal wildlife refuge, vow to kill any government official who stands in their way, refuses to leave and seeks to illegally occupy it for the time they determine best.

No, they are not Muslims.

No, they are not Black Lives Matter protesters.

No, they are not illegal immigrants.

No, they are not Syrian refugees.

They are a band of right-wing hicks, sons of the notorious Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy (whose posse had the same stand-off with state and federal agents back in 2014).  They have claimed the land as theirs and will use any force necessary to keep it. They have pledged their own deaths to keep what is not rightfully theirs in order to carry out a twisted agenda.

The mainstream media calls them “peaceful,” “protestors,” “militia,” “activists” and “state’s rights advocates.” They won’t call them what they really are: terrorists; radicals; psychopaths; right wing conservatives. They have admitted that their main goal is to overthrow the country and the government.

And yet they are somehow still alive. Just a few days ago, an Ohio jury failed to bring forth an indictment against a police officer who shot and killed a 12-year old boy (within two seconds of seeing him) who was playing with a fake gun. His name was Tamir Rice. When black men, women and children “fail” to abide  by police orders, they are gunned down in a barrage of bullets, and their killers walk free. But somehow, Bundy’s band of chicken-hawk radicals are still held up in the sanctuary, completely unscathed, waiting for yet another Waco because the feds refuse to take action.

It doesn’t take a genius to know why. They’re white, and they dare to call themselves patriots. When white people take a stand for a political cause (using that term very loosely in this case), no one asks if they have jobs or are on welfare. No one asks if their fathers are still in the picture. No one asks if drugs or crime or a predisposition to violence is to blame. No one calls them thugs, or gang bangers, or anything that would remotely offend their whiteness. Instead, the MSM seeks to understand their side and paint them in a sympathetic light. But God forbid if a CVS burned down. Then maybe MSM would condemn.

Black Lives Matter activists shut down Mall of America and within hours, America is labeling them thuggish bullies. Cliven Bundy’s ilk points their guns (for a second time) at police officers and federal agents, and America shrugs. If a black person threatens the police (or even stands up against them), they are an insubordinate who deserves to die. If a white man threatens or stands up against the police, he’s hailed as “patriot.”

When Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets, the politicians and presidential contenders (Republicans, in other words) were quick to label them as “dangerous” race dividers. When Cliven Bundy’s posse threatens to kill federal officers? Mute.

Welcome to being white in America, where you and your redneck, inbred compatriots can point guns at the feds, and the feds stand down. Now try being black, Mexican, Native American, or even disabled in America, where standing up for what you believe is right (and even if it is right), gets you body slammed, left to die in a prison cell, or shot in the back six times.

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