Oregon Shooting Already Being Called ‘False Flag’: This Rabbit Hole Is Deep And Scary (VIDEO)

After every mass shooting comes the inevitable conspiracy theorists who call it a “False Flag.” This means that it was a staged event; nobody was really shot, the “shooter” doesn’t exist and the whole thing was a show. To what end? According to them, it’s how the government pushes the public to call for gun control. It’s all part of a conspiracy to take away everyones’ guns.

The claims of the “false flag” theorists can sometimes sound reasonable, when presented properly (i.e. not like a raving lunatic). This article is a good example. The position here is “it *could* be a false flag, let’s examine why.” The claim is that these mass shootings follow a pattern, which is true. But the conclusions drawn about the pattern are done so from the paranoid ammosexual viewpoint. For example:

Grandiose mainstream media headline demanding your attention to this story. Without the same grandiose mainstream media headline, I myself would not have noticed this story online. Here we go again? This is now the latest 24/7 story that the mainstream media seems to want and need you to be fascinated by. This alone is a huge tell-tale sign no one should overlook.

Yes, the media does go overboard with these events. No, it’s not the sign of a false flag, it’s a sign of the public’s desire to see these shootings covered. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is covered by the news that doesn’t bring ratings. Ratings are the holy grail of news, whether it’s a twenty-four hour network or a local show. It is all about ratings. If this story gets endless coverage, it’s because viewers are “fascinated” by it.

Shooter is dead as usual. We all know the script by now and once again and as usual the shooter does not live to tell the tale or defend his intent. That’s because dead men tell no tales. Consequently, the story as usual is left to the story tellers. And with the usual dead shooter there is much less need to worry about any account conflicts or future revelations of government involvement.

Not every shooter dies at the scene and, if they do, it’s not always by authorities. Some shoot themselves, the cowards. Some survive and go on trial; the Aurora shooter is a recent example. “As usual,” a conspiracy nut gets it wrong.

“Conflicting reports” in the number of dead people. Identity entirely unknown as well. Who are these dead people? What are their names? And why is there confusion as to how many people are dead at a small school? Is the body count that high? That difficult? You decide what this might mean given the context of all the facts coming out. It would certainly not be the first time we’ve heard conflicting stories and body counts.

Here the author displays his absolute stupidity. A shooting scene is confusing, especially when it’s spread out like a campus. Some people have been shot and wounded but are unconscious, which can cause them to be identified as a fatality. In the first few hours after a shooting, confusion will reign. As for identities? They are never released — in any sort of fatality — until family members are notified. Ever.

This sort of theorizing is bad enough, but some of these guys… They have gone way down into the rabbit hole. This post is typical of the sort of thing Conspiracy Theorists write while eating Pringles in their Mom’s basement. He is so convinced that the Oregon shooting was a false flag that he believes everyone involved — even victims and their families — are in on the conspiracy. He has created a fantasy behind every picture, each one steeped in conspiracy theory idiocy. I won’t publish the pictures out of respect for the victims but here are a few of his comments:

Oregon, it would seem, has legions of such fabricators. Here is another one, sporting a large tattoo, who attempts, though in an asinine way, to fake tearfulness: She’s holding the cell phone as a prop, too, on instruction from her Zionist masters, feigning as if she is calling someone about the horror of this (non) shooting.

It’s an entire family of liars and cheats, make no mistake about it. Selling their souls to the devil they have betrayed all those others willing to stand up for what is right, willing to risk even their lives fighting against the evil empire. Too, the water bottle is ever-present in this hoax. A crisis actor sickened by dehydration would surely upset the fabricated system and leave the schemers vulnerable to litigation.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, this guy also believes that Roseburg, OR sits on a key U.S. Ley line. These sort of things almost always take place on a Ley line, he notes. It also “has Illuminati numerology written all over it.” This shooting occurred on October 1st because October is “an important month for Illuminists” and they are just preparing for the sacrifices on the 31st. Wow. Just… wow.

Here’s the big thing about conspiracies that every Conspiracy Theorist seems to be unable to understand: a conspiracy relies on secrecy. The more people who are in on it, the bigger the chance that someone will talk about it. Looking at a shooting like Roseburg or Sandy Hook, you’re talking dozens and dozens of people. What are the chances that every single person involved will say nothing? It’s ridiculous.

These shootings follow a pattern, that’s true. But this is due to many reasons: the psychology of the shooters, the visibility of the targets, the training of first responders and, yes, the availability of guns. The sort of person who denies these factors in order to impose a conspiracy onto an event has a twisted need to explain the unexplainable. But the explanations they choose are faulty.

Truth is, we don’t know why every shooter does what he does. We must learn to get along with the things we don’t know and concentrate on alleviating the pain and grief. It comes down to these shootings being about human beings. Sometimes, in our need for explanation, we forget that. We never should.

Here’s a video that’s meant to convince you that the UCC shooting was a “false flag”:

Photo Credit: Conscious Awareness For All 

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