OOPSIE: Trump Accidentally Makes His Own Running Mate Look Like An A**hole While Attacking Tim Kaine

Newly crowned emperor of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, didn’t waste any time going after Hillary Clinton’s new running mate. In a series of tweets, Trump lambasted Kaine for his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership also known as TPP.

Trump has made his opposition to TPP a central platform in an effort to bolster his nationalist image and score points with progressive Bernie Sanders supporters.

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The billionaire took to Twitter and trolled Kaine for praising TPP:

Unfortunately, Trump forgot to check with his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, before launching his factually challenged assault. Because as it turns out, Pence was one of the biggest cheerleaders of TPP.

In 2014, Pence tweeted:

Okay, so Pence sent out a tweet favoring TPP, it’s not like he wrote a lengthy letter explaining why he supported the agreement, right? Oh, wait.

As you know, my administration has made job growth job number one. We passed the largest state tax cut in Indiana history, lowered the corporate income tax, reduced the regulatory burden, and have taken numerous other measures to improve the business environment and the education and workforce skills of Hoosiers,” Governor Pence wrote. “Those are things we can do at home, but reducing tariffs and other trade barriers so that Indiana businesses can enjoy increased market access and fairly compete on the world stage is something that Congress must do. I encourage your support for Trade Promotion Authority, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and any other trade-related measures when they are brought before the Congress for consideration,” Mike Pence in a letter he wrote in April 2015 addressing Indiana’s congressional delegation.

Before Trump announced his pick, professional neo-con conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones dismissed the rumors on his radio show that Trump was going to pick Pence. Jones based his disbelief on Pence’s track record for supporting TPP among other things far-right Trump supporters hate about people who they label as “establishment” R.I.N.O (Republican In Name Only) politicians.

And by the way, Kaine has recently stated that he could not support TPP in its current form.

So it looks like Trump once again managed to stick it to his running mate, not unlike the way he did in the original Trump/Pence campaign logo.

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