Oops! Rep. Duggar Once Forced Schools To Install Predator Filtering Software To PROTECT Minors

The seemingly never-ending Duggar saga continues to appall and revolt, unless of course you’re Mike Huckabee. Loving gay couples living a productive and happy life are what appall the Huck, mostly because he’s perennially in competition with Rick Santorum over who’s the biggest sanctimonious scold. It’s like an onion; the more you peel at it, the more it stinks.

We’re already painfully aware of how the Christian Right is tripping over itself in its rush to defend a child molester while brazenly ignoring the victims. For example, we now know that Arkansas police destroyed the records of the investigation into Josh Duggar’s alleged molestation of five underage girls. It’s gotten to the point where we might see a Duggar/Cosby Presidential ticket.

But hypocrisy and irony appeared to meet in orgiastic fashion following another little Duggar gem.

The Freedom Forum Online points out that Rep. Jim Bob Duggar, a Republican from Springdale, introduced House Bill 1003, which would require public schools and libraries to install filtering software to protect minors from harmful online material.

 Via Freedom Forum Online :

The measure says that public schools and libraries must equip public access computers ‘with software that seeks to prevent minors from gaining access to material that is harmful to minors or purchase Internet connectivity from an internet service provider that provides filter services to limit access to material that is harmful to minors.’

Under current Arkansas law, public schools and libraries were exempt from the state’s harmful-to-minors law. ‘This bill means that public schools and libraries can now be held accountable if they violate the state’s harmful-to-minors law by exposing children to pornography,’ Duggar said.

The proposed legislation contains a provision which insulates public schools and public libraries from criminal or civil liability if they install filtering software.

Duggar’s bill employs a harmful-to-minors standard but does not distinguish between different ages among minors. Free-speech advocates often point out that material unsuitable for a 7-year-old may be suitable, or even educational, for a 17-year-old.

Wow! It must really be hard to breathe when your head is so firmly up your own arse.

So it seems that Josh Duggar’s daddy once found it important enough to shield 17 year-olds from viewing boobies, but just couldn’t fit informing the authorities of his scumbag son’s sexual molestations into his schedule. I mean, I know hating gays can take up a great deal of time for Christians these days, but it seems he knew about it for more than a year. Accountability means nothing when you’ve got Republican Jesus at your side.

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