Oops! Rand Paul Doesn’t Actually Have A Bachelor’s Degree

Ever since it was revealed that Wisconsin Governor and potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Scott Walker didn’t complete college, we suddenly find ourselves debating the merits of a college education requirement for presidential candidates. Instead, we really should be discussing why it’s 2015 and another Bush can run for POTUS. If we learned anything from George W. Bush — a man with the intellectual curiosity of a mold spore–it’s that some of the dumbest people attend and graduate college given its big business status.

There’s a huge difference between performing well in college and simply leaving to pursue other things, given the ridiculously stodgy and bureaucratic requirements that most colleges impose. But it’s another thing to say you have a Bachelor’s degree in English when you actually don’t.

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Ron Paul might be the godfather of Libertarianism, but his son is way more like Fredo than Michael Corleone. 

The Washington Post fact-checked some of Sen. Paul’s  comments and discovered Senator Paul lied about having a bachelor’s degree. Despite having a medical degree from Duke University, Paul has majorly misled the public about his undergraduate history. After all, this man is a serial plagiarist, so of course he couldn’t finish undergrad. Here’s what you need to know: Senator Paul studied at Baylor University for three years, but never actually graduated. He then went to Duke University Medical School where he did, in fact, earn a medical degree.

So how in the name of Aqua Buddha and Ayn Rand’s ghost did he get into Duke medical school without first completed undergrad?

At the time, it seems Duke did not require applicants to have an undergraduate degree. Senator Paul’s Communication Manager, Brian Darling, realizing that Mr. Libertarianism got caught, tried to spin it favorably in a public statement .

[An] M.D. Degree is the study of biomedical sciences according to the Duke University School of Medicine. In other words, a M.D. is a biology degree. Merriam-Webster defines biology as ‘a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and vital processes.’ Dr. Paul never said he had an undergraduate degree in biology, and it is accurate for him to say that he has a biology degree. You are making inferences from his statement that are unwarranted. It is common knowledge that the study of medicine is the study of human biology, and a MD has a doctorate degree in one area of study of the science of biology. (Bustle)

Great. Wonderful. But how in the heck does that explain Senator Paul’s claim to hold a degree in English? It’s truly amazing that this guy went on to medical school and not law school, as he clearly has a knack for bullsh*t.

H/T: Bustle | Featured Image by Michael Hayne of IfYouOnlyNews.com

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