Oops: Father Of Trump’s ‘Mexican’ Judge Became A U.S. Citizen Before Trump’s Mother

A few days ago, an irate Donald Trump let fly with a barrage of insults against a U.S. District Court judge who is presiding over fraud lawsuits against Trump University. Trump accused the judge, Gonzalo Curiel, of being biased against him because he is a “Mexican.” It didn’t take long for everyone to find out that Judge Curiel, a former U.S. prosecutor with a record of being very tough on Mexican drug cartels, was born in East Chicago, Indiana.

That information might have been enough to silence a normal, rational person. But we’re talking about Donald Trump, to whom the words “normal” and “rational” don’t apply. Trump has continued his attacks against the judge, saying on June 2 that he should remove himself from the case due to his “Mexican heritage.” It’s worth noting that Trump’s lawyers have never asked for the case to be assigned to a different judge, which would be the appropriate way to handle a concern about possible judicial prejudice. Instead, it appears that Trump sees complaining about Judge Curiel as a way to demagogue the issue and gain support among his racist followers.

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Now another fact about Judge Curiel’s family has come to light that should shut up the reality TV star who would be president. (It won’t, but it should.) Thanks to the sharp eyes of Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, we now know this tidbit of information: Not only is Judge Curiel an American, but his father came to the United States before Trump’s mother.

According to The New York Times, Salvador Curiel came to Arizona from Mexico in the 1920s and worked as a laborer. He eventually became an American citizen. Salvador married his wife Francisca in Mexico in 1946 and returned to the U.S. where she also became a citizen.

As for The Donald’s family, his mother Mary Anne MacLeod arrived in the United States from Scotland in 1930. She married Fred Trump in 1936 and became an American citizen in 1942.

We know a lot more about Trump’s family than we know about the family of Gonzalo Curiel, but this much is obvious — Salvador Curiel was almost certainly an American citizen before Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. And we can say with absolute certainty that he was in this country before Trump’s mother.


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