Only In The GOP: Money Launderer Pens Letter Seeking Leniency For Alleged Child Molester (TWEET)

Want to know why we don’t trust conservatives? Look no further than Tom Delay, who did not rescind his letter seeking leniency for a fellow Republican, Dennis Hastert, even after he learned that Hastert allegedly molested children.

It appears that child molestation doesn’t disappoint Delay, as he made it clear in his letter that Hastert has never “disappointed [Delay] in any “:

We all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few, he has never disappointed me in any way.

Many people, over 60 of them actually, wrote letters supporting the beleaguered former Speaker of the House and wrestling coach however, only 41 didn’t rescind them when the judge ruled the letters would be public record if they were considered.

Most of the letters were written before the child sexual abuse scandal broke and evidence was revealed that Hastert had been paying hush money to cover up these “alleged crimes.” However, those that were left as part of the public record  are not only tacit acceptance of child abuse, but also a complete confirmation that the character and moral fiber the GOP elite value have nothing to do with what Americans consider moral or character.

I guess Americans are going to have to show Delay what we think is disappointing: and standing up for a child molester isn’t something that we take kindly too. Of course, Delay himself has been convicted of money laundering, in 2010. Gee, that is totally a great reason to let him weigh in on whether we should go easy on Hastert. And, another reason to trust the GOP, right?

It doesn’t matter if he wrote this before the full story came out, he chose to not only stand by his man, but allow his pandering to become public — fair enough, let’s make it very, very public.

Featured image via Getty Images/Ben Sklar

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