Only In Texas -Armed Bigots Outside Irving Mosque Protest ‘The Islamization Of America’ (VIDEO)

They say things are bigger in Texas. If they’re talking about intolerance, bigotry and fearmongering, then I guess they’re pretty much right. Such was the case when a group of morons nutjobs asshats concerned citizens armed themselves and stood in protest outside the Islamic Center of Irving on Saturday.

The group, which ironically calls itself the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, gathered to protest, in their words, “the Islamization of America.” David Wright, the alleged ringleader of this asinine group of ne’er-do-wells, justified the protest.

We tried to talk to the mosque before we did this, but they wouldn’t return our messages. So here we are.

So what exactly did this racist group want to “talk” about?

Wright organized the rally in the wake of the ISIS-claimed terror attack in Paris which killed 130 civilians. He claims to be part of the “millions of Americans” movement to block Syrian refugees from coming to America. Wright is also part of a group that claims the Islamic Center of Irving has set up the first Islamic court in America, a false rumor that was disproved but still propagated by Irving Mayor (yes, they elected her) Beth Van Duyne in speeches to Tea Party groups.

They shut the illegal court down, Wright said, incorrectly. And then, they threatened to kill the mayor.

Hence the guns in front of a place of worship, as children gathered for morning classes. One protester brandished an AR-15. A 20-year-old hoping to join the Army and ban Islam in the U.S. carried a rifle as his sign-wielding mother stood nearby. The crazy is seriously strong here, people.

The Irving chief of police personally warned mosque leaders of the rally, and worshippers were urged to ignore the protesters. Peaceful Muslims did just that, although they were subjected to harassment and taunts as they came and went.

“Big Daddy Infidel” (an actual name tag worn by one of the protesters), who wouldn’t give his real name to reporters, worries about the day he might be “forced” to take a life.

You know, I hope 10 years from now, we just stood out here and froze to say what we wanted to say, and nothing ever came of it on either side,” he said quietly. “I hope the supplies I have in my house, the food and the water and medical supplies, I have to use up in my retirement years. This stuff is among us. People are blind if they don’t think it is.

This is the face of ignorance-fueled intolerance, folks.  Terrorists aren’t going to destroy us … we are.

Featured image courtesy of screen capture.

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