One Of Our Closest Allies Is About To Ban Trump From Their Country Over Hate Speech Violations

British Parliament could soon have to deal with the reality of a petition by the people to ban Donald Trump from entering the U.K, over violating of the nation’s hate speech laws.

The story broke on the Independent that a petition started by Suzanne Kelly, from Scotland, is currently in the works, and must gather up 100,000 signatures. Once it meets the threshold it will be taken up for debate at the House of Commons.

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Kelly had previous issues with Trump, regarding an effort to block a golf course at Scotland’s Menie estate, over environmental issues.

Republicans have a current frontrunner for their presidential nominee, that is so bad one of our closest and oldest allies is looking to ban him from ever entering their realm.

Trump is the best and most popular guy the Republicans can scrounge up. Let’s let that sink in while we all envision a Democratic win in 2016, shall we?

The petition against Trump reads, in part:

The signatories believe Donald J Trump should be banned from UK entry for his continued, unrepentant hate speech and unacceptable behaviour. His unacceptable behaviour is well documented, and we feel it foments racial, religious and nationalistic intolerance which should not be welcome in the UK.

The UK has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech. This same principle should apply to Donald J Trump. We cannot see how the United Kingdom can condone his entry to the country when many people have been barred for less.

But wait, this gets even better. Some Politicians such as Scottish National Party defense head, Brendan O’Hara, are attempting to have Trump’s access to nuclear weapons curtailed ahead of time, if he wins the Republican nomination for the 2016 election.

O’Hara thinks that if worse came to worse, the order to start a nuclear war would ultimately come from an American president. As such he sees Trump as too unstable to be trusted with the launching of nuclear weapons from assets housed in the U.K.

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