One Dirty Rotten Falsehood After Another In The Anti-Hillary Book ‘Clinton Cash’

Perhaps you noticed (or perhaps you didn’t, since watching Fox News gives you aneurysms) Fox News is especially smug and full of itself over the release of the new virulently anti-Hillary book Clinton Cash. There’s just one eentsy-weentsy problem with the book: it’s rife with wholly unsubstantiated accusations. So naturally it’s a big hit with right-wing news outlets. The main issue is that Peter Schweizer, the book’s author, is such a hugely discredited writer that he makes Brian Williams look like Edward Murrow. Schweizer, who’s also a writer for the right-wing site (that alone kills all credibility), has been blasted by both parties and his books have largely been  trashed for faulty investigations and non-existent sources. In fact, Schweizer himself says he “cannot prove the allegations, leaving that up to investigative journalists and possibly law enforcement.”

Look–I’m personally not happy with Hillary Clinton, and I have my concerns with her being the only viable democratic choice. But that doesn’t mean I get to write a book that invents a whole bunch of unverifiable crap. I don’t personally care for Senator Cruz, but that doesn’t mean I get to say that he’s a rapist because he once appeared at an event where women were present, and where he posed with women for a photo. That’s precisely the stretches and leaps made by Schweizer in Clinton Cash–a book that’s supposed to reveal that the Clinton State Department traded favors for sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

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While the book largely relies on previously reported issues, Schweizer appeared to fabricate a supposed link between the timing of the State Department’s positive report on the Keystone XL Pipeline, with a number of Bill Clinton speeches paid for by TD Bank, a major shareholder in the pipeline.

From Think Progress:

As proof of how crucial Clinton’s support for the pipeline was to the bank, Schweizer quotes a press release that claimed TD Bank would “begin selling its $1.6 billion worth of shares in the massive but potentially still-born Keystone XL crude pipeline project” after Clinton left office. The press release was quickly revealed to be fake in 2013. Yet Schweizer, apparently unaware of the hoax, remarks, “Too bad for TD Bank. But the Clintons got paid regardless.

Even if Hillary agreed to disclose all donors to the powerful Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State as ordered by President Obama, and even if most of the allegations made by Schweizer are pure partisan hackery, a slew of different media reports do raise some concerns regarding potential conflicts of interests. But in the meantime, we should avoid anything Schweizer says like the plague.

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