One Christian’s Brutal Take-Down Of Trump Might Cost Him The Evangelical Vote (VIDEO)

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in god, but he definitely THINKS he’s god.  The very notion he’s been able to win over the Jesus freaks in the south is a question for the ages. Combine his multiple marriages to mail-order brides with his nauseatingly greedy and licentious lifestyle, and no self-respecting evangelical would give him a second thought.

Presidential elections produce strange bedfellows, and that appears to be the case with Right-Wing Christian Gary Cass.

Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, was seeking donations to produce a series of videos explaining why Donald Trump is a fake Christian. Apparently Cass was successful in his efforts after releasing the first video in the series, declaring that Trump’s ignorance of basic Christian teachings is “startling.” Moreover, that he regularly displays a complete “lack of spiritual understanding.”

Trump’s awkward attempts at sounding spiritual always come across very contrived, said Cass

Indeed, Trump’s “spiritual leanings” are about as legitimate as a degree from Trump University.

Watch the video below:

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