On Twitter, Badass Actor Don Cheadle Has Turned Destroying Trump And His Fans Into An Artform (TWEETS)

Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and director Don Cheadle isn’t one of those Hollywood celebrities who can stay quiet when it comes to the subject of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Following Trump’s bizarre and insanely callous tweet in which he turned the death of NBA star Dwane Wade’s cousin into a cheap political opportunity, Cheadle had some choice words for the billionaire candidate. To make matters worse Trump missed spelled Wade’s name wrong in his original tweet, so he deleted it and tweeted a corrected version with the same message.

However, Cheadle may have graduated from insults to potentially being investigated by the Secret Service after he sent a tweet encouraging Trump to be so kind as to “die in a grease fire.”

Cheadle then spent the next few hours taking on Trump fans who tried to troll his Twitter. At least one user posted a wildly inaccurate estimate of the actor’s net worth, as though that would prove him to be a rich liberal hypocrite. Another speculated about the actor’s diet, and once again Cheadle was happy to school him as well.



Others just tried good ole’ fashioned straight up racism to upset the actor, but that strategy also backfired.

So far Trump himself has yet to respond to Cheadle’s attacks. However, it’s probably a matter of time before the billionaire’s two-dollar ego compels him to pick a fight with another celebrity who’s too smart and witty for him to handle.

Featured image via Facebook and (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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