On The 2nd Day Of DERP The GOP Gave To Me — Louie Gohmert And Some Derpology (VIDEO)

Louie Gohmert, congressman from east Texas, is a derp factory. You could fill volumes with stupid Louie Gohmert quotes; he’s just that bad. But there is one Gohmert quote that stands out in derpology, and even though it’s two years old, it simply has to be brought back for this series.

Maybe the hair-challenged Gohmert has spent too much time in the hot east Texas sun without a hat, and roasted his brain. Maybe he has inhaled too many fumes from those gas plants in Louisiana that border his district. Whatever it is, this dude just ain’t right in the head. (Now, as crazy as Gohmert is, think about what that says about the people who voted him into office, and who are keeping him there.)

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We’re going to go back, to a time not so long ago: 2013. Then Attorney General Eric Holder was testifying in front of a House committee of which Gohmert was a member. Louie simply didn’t like the attorney general very much, and he didn’t mind that it showed.

When Holder told the committee that Gohmert couldn’t possibly know something that he had stated as truth, the rodeo clown of a congressman lost it. There was a little back and forth between Gohmert and the committee chairman, the relatively sane Pennsylvania Republican Bob Goodlatte, about whether Gohmert should be allowed to continue to speak, then Gohmert said this:

When you attack somebody’s integrity, and say they made statements that were not true then of course that raises a point of personal privilege. But the attorney general failed to answer my questions about what was asked, and then he turned and cast aspersions on my asparagus.

Dafuq Dog

Yeah, that was the reaction from almost everybody.

Now, in fairness to ol’ Louie, it has been pointed out that the line “aspersions on my asparagus” goes back to the Three Stooges. And Gohmert himself claimed that it was something that Texas defense attorney Percy Foreman would say in court.  This shows just how dumb he is, that in the middle of a heated exchange he would bring up a quote so obscure that nobody would get the joke.

And this guy used to be a judge?!? It’s likely that Gohmert had the line rolling around inside his head, along with all the other things like “Let’s see Obama’s birth certificate,” or “Muslims have infiltrated the highest levels of our government,” and it was the first thing that made it from brain to mouth.

But still, maybe we should give him a pass on this one.


Here’s Louie Gohmert, talking about his asparagus from 2013, via YouTube:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE4fCcsw6Fs?rel=0]

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (modified)

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