Olbermann: Trump Will Protect A Business Man’s Right To Poison Your Dog (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann may have just drawn the nation’s attention to something much more intuitively understood than tax code, immigration law, or illegal charities: Trump has a dead spot on his soul and it is shaped like a paw print. Worse than simply never having had any pet, let alone a dog, Olbermann pointed out that Trump has suggested that he would, in effect, “protect a business man’s right to poison dogs.”

Most people understand certain things about dogs. They are, in general, loyal. If a dog doesn’t like someone, and they usually like everyone, that person is probably a bad person. Anyone that can abuse a dog (or any animal) intentionally is probably a sociopath and just may turn out to be a serial killer. To be fair: Trump hasn’t been known to abuse animals–although his sons seem to enjoy killing elephants–he has just NEVER had a pet…ever.

Oh, and they can’t sweat, at all. However, Trump makes reference to people sweating “like dogs” often; something that prompts Olbermann to question if Trump is actually even human.

“People who don’t have dogs still know about dogs. What the hell? Is he from Mars?”

Like a dog seems to be one of Trump’s big insults, but shutting down the “FDA food police” because they have (among other things) the temerity to stop dog food companies from killing dogs — that is an indication of how he would run the country.

As Olbermann closes this video, “Hey Don, F*ck you.”

Watch the video here, (slightly NSFW):

Featured image via screen capture

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