Oklahoma GOP Lawmaker Caught On Tape Threatening To Use His Office To Throw An Employee In Jail (VIDEO)

An Oklahoma state representative is finding himself in hot water after a voicemail was leaked of him threatening a former employee of his construction company after the employee allegedly bad mouthed him.

This wasn’t a run-of-the-mill threat, though. Rep. Mark McBride (R) was threatening to use the power of his office to throw the employee in jail.

“I’ve got more f***ing stroke than you,” said McBride, “you have no idea you have no idea, I am personally going to make your life miserable.”

When confronted with the voicemail, McBride doubled down, saying, “I am a citizen legislator. I have a company here that I’ve worked hard to build and protect and I’ve got a guy…have you checked this guy’s background?”

The former employee, identified as RM, does have a felony record, but hey, McBride still hired him as a handyman, reportedly because McBride felt sorry for him.

His threat continued:

You ran my company down, my sons down, me down, so now you get ready because you’re going to jail. And I’m going to keep you there. Every time you get out, I’m going to find out and I’m going to get you put back in.”

“You screwed with the wrong guy when you called and run… when you met with the Schroeders and ran my business down. Do not show… I’m telling you… you, you might outta go back to Texas, because you screwed with the wrong guy.

Source: Addicting Info

Now McBride says he probably shouldn’t have said some of the things he did, but his “message is still the same.”

If RM is badmouthing the company, of course McBride has a right to confront him, but he does not have the right to use the power of his office as an elected official for personal vendettas.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via KOKH screen capture.

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