Ohio Pushes To Force Traumatized Women To Arrange Burial For Miscarried Fetuses

The Republican Party’s war on women is a very real and Ohio lawmakers are pushing a bill that proves just how f*cking low they will go to punish Planned Parenthood and by extension, women.

After months of investigating the beloved women’s healthcare provider, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine turned up no evidence that Planned Parenthood was “selling baby parts.” This is no surprise since the organization was cleared of any wrongdoing months ago, but leave it to right-wing politicians to waste taxpayer money on a witch hunt. When DeWine realized he couldn’t prove his debunked black market fetal tissue fairytale, he decided to file legal action against three Planned Parenthood clinics because he claims the medical waste vendors are dumping fetal remains in the landfill.

Republican lawmakers immediately jumped on this outrageous claim and are using it as another excuse to hurt women. Republican State Representative Kyle Koehler said,”Whether they are selling body parts or simply tossing them into landfills doesn’t matter to me anymore.” He is so distressed that he is supporting a bill that would require women who have suffered a miscarriage or had an abortion to sign a form arranging the burial or cremation of the remains. The cost will be passed on to either a hospital where the women were treated after their miscarriages or the clinic where the abortion was performed. These healthcare facilities will then be allowed to demand payment from the women.

Pro-fetus Representative Barbara Sears claims that the bill is not politically motivated:

The idea of respectfully treating the remains of an infant who has been aborted, I think is critical. And I think that you can see how we treat our own childhood pets when we are disposing of them in a respectful way, you know I think that people are shocked. And I don’t think that it matters whether you are Republican or Democrat or Independent or oblivious to politics all together.

Notice how she uses the word “infant” to make these women sound like monsters who are murdering babies? This bill would apply to ALL fetal remains, even if a woman is three weeks pregnant. That is outrageous.

I cannot even describe how angry this latest attack on women makes me. Having a miscarriage is an unbelievably traumatic event and the GOP is going to harass women who just went through something horrible. The same goes for women who have abortions. It’s not as if women wake up one morning and say,”I’m going to eat breakfast, go shopping and then abort a fetus today!” Deciding to have an abortion is an extremely difficult decision and the right-wing, pro-fetus assholes need to keep their noses out of it.

This is just another way for the Republican Party to continue their war against women, and frankly, as a woman, I am sick and tired of a bunch of men inserting themselves in my private healthcare choices.

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