Ohio GOP Chair Becomes Laughingstock After Claiming Democrats Are Using ‘Body Doubles’ (VIDEO)

A new poll from Bloomberg released today shows Donald Trump with a five point advantage over Hillary Clinton in the battleground state of Ohio. A win in the Buckeye State is significant for either candidate, as every president elected since 1964 has carried the state. CNN reports that no Republican candidate has ever won a presidential election without Ohio.

This latest poll, 55 days out from the election, isn’t indicative of what will actually take place on election day. Sure, the numbers are close, but in Ohio, they are always close.

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With the stakes so high, Ohio Democratic Chair David Pepper and Ohio Republican Chair Matt Borges went head to head on MSNBC this afternoon. As Pepper was explaining why not only Democrats, but also leaders within the Republican party, deem Donald Trump unfit for office, Borges interjects with a line that can only be seen as pandering to the alt-right, Alex Jones conspiracy nuts. You know, Donald Trump’s base of supporters.

He says:

“Don’t believe this guy. I think it’s just his body double. We all know the Democrats use those these days.”

Of course, this comment comes after right-wing nut jobs have taken to the internet since Hillary’s unfortunate illness at the September 11 memorial service. Their latest tin foil hat theory is that a sick Hillary Clinton walked into Chelsea Clinton’s New York apartment, but someone else walked out: a body double.

These dubious claims only speak to the desperation of the Republican Party in this election. They have no policy to campaign on. They have a train wreck of a candidate. They have hate and fear mongering. The only people they can appeal to are those sitting in the far right-wing who eat up these kinds of farcical theories.

Likely, Borges’ comment was said as a “joke,” but the base that makes up Trump voters will eat it up. They will be validated with the chair of a major political party in a state as significant as Ohio talking their talk.

Trump can only be elected as President by playing to the fringe. The Republican Party knows this and they will continue to stroke those tassels all the way to election day.

Psst GOP, your desperation is showing.

Watch Ohio GOP Chair promote the body double conspiracy on national television, here:

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