Oh The Irony! Republicans Planning To Flee To Canada To Escape ‘ISIS’ Refugees in U.S. (IMAGES)

According to what they are saying on social media, many Americans are planning to become political refugees in Canada due to the fact America is planning on taking in political refugees from Syria. Yes you read that right, and no this is not The Onion. The irony of course, being that these people are going to become political refugees, fleeing what they see as “ISIS” invading their nation. You know, just like the Syrians that they insist cannot come here.

It’s a tough decision. Do we let them know how stupid they are being, or do we actually let them move so we are rid of them? This is truly a hard choice.

The condensed version is this: Obama plans on bringing 10,000 refugees from Syria to the United States. Canada however, plans on bringing in 25,000 refugees by Jan, 1st — 15,000 more than the U.S. plans to do.

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Do you think the anti-refugee Republicans realize they are going to become the exact thing they are railing against if they flee to Canada? Do you think they also know that Canada has already taken in more middle east refugees than America has?

There are some though, who seem to think that by becoming a refugee, they are taking a bold stance against refugees.

Is this a bad time to remind them that Canada also has socialized healthcare, that is more Socialist-Big-Government-ish than Obamacare? Can they stand the torture of going to the doctor for free as well?

Eventually, the voices of reason chimed in on the debate.

Finally, this was all summed up rather nicely below.

So this begs the question: What will Canada do about the massive amount of American political refugees fleeing “ISIS” in the form of 5-year-old Syrian orphans? How will they be able to prevent the radical Christian, 2nd Amendment loving, violence prone, American domestic terrorists who want to establish a Christian theocracy from conducting acts of terror on Canadian soil?

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