Oh No He Didn’t! Mark Cuban ‘Accidentally’ Mispronounces ‘Koch Brothers’ Live On CNN (VIDEO)

Mark Cuban is not a fan of Donald Trump and he’s really not a fan of his fellow billionaires, the Koch brothers. In a surprise appearance on CNN’s New Day, Cuban temporarily took over host Chris Cuomo’s job and proceeded to take a poke at the Cock brothers. I mean “Koch.” Sorry. Ahem.

Via Raw Story:

“I got this,” Cuban said, looking into the teleprompter to announce the next segment.

“Donald Trump said he does not need to raise a ton of money,” Cuban said. “But he wants his campaign to speak with one of the Cock brothers anyway.”

“Or Koch!” CNN host Alisyn Camerota interrupted as Cuban laughed. “We’ll edit that out.”

The look on Camerota’s face is pretty priceless as she’s trying not to laugh too much:

On Wednesday, Cuban tore into Trump over his impending ass-kissing of the donor class. Trump is not going to spend a billion dollars to run his own campaign and the big donors like the Cock Koch brothers aren’t going to give him the money he needs unless he can sufficiently, as Cuban puts it, “grovel” to them. Considering Trump’s prodigious ego, this seems unlikely. And given Trump’s well-known track record of saying anything to anyone to get what he wants and then doing an about face, it seems unlikely that the donor class will be easily persuaded.

Cuban also tweeted that “the real fun/drama will come from all the “hidden” videos from his private fundraisers. He will say what they want to hear. Get ready !” And he’s correct. If Mitt Romney’s 47% speech was enough to derail his campaign, what would Trump’s version do? Add to that the number of people, including a lot of the 1%ers he’s going to be begging for money, that Trump has screwed over the years, you can guarantee at least one of those closed meeting will be leaked.

Like Cuban in the video, I can hardly contain my glee!

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