Oblivious Bristol Palin Defends Trump, Whines Fox Pres. Said They Only Hired Her Mom Because She’s Hot

A day after a news reporter had a Howard Biele moment of zen and stormed off the set in disgust of having to constantly cover the utterly worthless Kardashian clan, the daughter of America’s First Worthless Family decided to make the 2016 GOP circus even more ridiculous.

Since the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the useless and attention-seeking tree, perpetually knocked up Bristol Palin took time away from whatever she does to endorse Trump. Further, she knocked Fox News for hiring Sarah Palin for the reason everyone already knew: she was hot.

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Not having a single issue of substance to run on or a modicum of understanding regarding domestic and foreign policy, Trump has focused all of his energy on slamming debate moderator and Fox host Megyn Kelly. You know, rather than go after Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Sucking up perfectly good bandwidth for fury-porn, the daughter of the snow-grifter hilariously said:

I actually have to work for a living and I don’t pay as much attention to politics as professional pundits.  But I know that I hate the ‘politics of outrage’ that people engage in.

In the words of George Takei, “Oh my!” Apparently, professional victimhood is now a regular job. 

Although Bristol insists she doesn’t endorse “everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth,” she recently blasted Fox contributor Erick Erickson for shunning The Donald. Apparently, Palin was upset because Erickson disinvited Trump from a RedState gathering in Atlanta over the weekend due to his misogynistic attacks against Megyn Kelly.

‘Want to learn some ‘lessons in sexual and political decency’ from Erickson?’

Palin wrote. ‘Erickson’s RedState once used a demeaning fake photo (wearing a revealing shirt with Santa Claus) of my Mom for an attack article on her. Erickson refused to take it down even after he was made aware that it was photoshopped.” (RedState)

Well, she does have a point there, but then why favor Trump? Maybe it’s because Trump considered bringing her mom into his cabinet (more like looney bin)? Bristol then went after Fox News President Roger Ailes for hypocrisy over sexist comments, claiming he once said,

I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings.

Let’s be honest, he probably didn’t hire her for her expansive knowledge and expertise of global affairs and economics.

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