Obamas Receive $1.3 Million In Gifts From Saudis And The Right Freaks Out

On Saturday, the news broke that the Saudi Royal Family showered the Obamas with gifts.

In 2014, Saudi King Abdullah gave the Obamas gifts totaling about $1.35 million. The gifts include, among other things, an $18,400 watch, a $67,000 watch, a $57,000 clock and a $560,000 jewelry set for Michelle.

Yes, that is quite shocking, but it’s neither unusual nor is anything untoward happening. It’s extremely common for world leaders to give gifts to the United States President, but they aren’t giving gifts to a person; they are giving gifts to the office and with the office they stay, unless the President wants to pay full retail value when he leaves office. Otherwise, the gifts go to the presidential archives.

The right-wing media, though, is leaving that little detail out – instead implying (or outright stating) that the gifts were a bribe and Twitter and the rest of the internet (in)appropriately reacted:

Actually, Keystone XL was killed because it was a terrible idea for the environment, it would do nothing to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and it would have created just 35 jobs.

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Sometime after the Obamas leave Washington, unless they do pay for the generous gifts, even the people who hate Obama will be able to view these gifts at the National Archives.

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