Obama’s Open Letter To Show Support For Cops Is Making Right Wing Heads Explode (TWEETS)

In the wake of the tragic cop killings in Baton Rouge and Dallas, President Obama put out an open letter to help lower all the tensions between African-Americans and police. More importantly, give special recognition to “the brave members of our Nation’s law enforcement community.” He eloquently thanked police officers for their brave service and attempted to start the healing process in a profession overwhelmed by grief.

You put others’ safety before your own, and you remind us that loving our country means loving one another, wrote President Obama Even when some protest, you protect them. What is more professional than that? What is more patriotic? We have your back.

Obama praises the virtues of the fallen officers. He drew special attention to Dallas officer Lorne Ahrens who went out of his way to help the homeless, and Baton Rouge officer Montrell Jackson who offered his hugs and prayers to everyone. You can read the entire letter if you wish, but it’s the mouth-foaming right-wing response that is the primary focus here. In fact, President Obama even said that “Some are trying to use this moment to divide police and the communities you serve.”

Well, that appears to be the case with the Obama Derangement Crowd 


Yes, because apparently addressing the innumerable instances in which black people were unlawfully targeted or murdered is shameful.

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And then there were some who insinuated that Obama deliberately targeted cops.


And then there those who felt that Hillary hates cops just as much as Obama, and therefore will carry out his policies of hating cops.

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One really has to wonder what these people are going to do with themselves when Obama leaves office. Hopefully, get a job or crawl back into the hole from which they came.

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